Our philosophy

ECFS is a pioneering house in the financial services market constantly redefining its service offering by adaptating to the needs of its clients and the market place. By always keeping abreast of global economic, financial and political developments that affect the needs of our clients on a local level we proactively inform our clients and advice them on the short and longer term impacts that such changes might have on their businesses and wealth. We want ECFS to continuously be a flexible, proactive and adaptable organization. Flexible to the needs of our clients adaptable to the expectations and aspirations of our employees and collaborators.

We want ECFS to be a high quality, versatile Financial Services house, offering value for money services to the businesses and individuals we are advising. We aspire to be renowned for the high quality of our services, our impeccable standards of professionalism, our integrity and unblemished ethical standards. We are looking to make a difference for our clients through our consult and our advice, our interaction within our clients businesses and by cross- pollination of our considerable knowledge and experience, contribute towards the transformation and improvement of the financial and operational performance of our client's businesees.